Dance Terminology Crossword Puzzle

2: One leg supports the body, other leg is extended behind body.
3: Leap; a jump from one leg to another.
7: Straight leg kick which crosses in front of the supporting leg and circles around to other direction . A lift kick circling 360 degrees.
8: Person who creates combinations or entire dances.
10: A kick which the foot passes the supporting knee first and then fully develops until the leg is straightened.
11: Knee bends with toe on floor and closes to supporting leg, then opens to other side.
14: Feet and knees facing forward.
15: The carriage, placement, and movement of the arms.

1:Place the ball of the foot beside the supporting foot, this movement does not take weight.
2:A position on one leg, the free leg is lifted in a forward, sideward, or backward direction with the knee bent at an angle and higher than the foot.
4:A quick transfer of weight from one foot to another.
5:A ripple action; movement is passed from one dancer to another.
9:Head turns sharply to one side or the other.
12:A turn executed on one leg and does not travel.
13:To resume original position.

The definitions used in this crossword puzzle are from American Dance/Drill Team School.

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