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Over the years I started collecting links to dance/drill teams and dance/drill resources. The list started to grow, so I started to organize it better. Several years ago I decided that since I had went to all of the hard work to make the list, I should share it with others. Thus, this site was born. I hope you enjoy it. Please email me and let me know what you think.


What is a dance team, drill team, or pom squad? What is the difference?
Regardless of what it is called, all of these groups primary purpose is dance. They frequently perform pom, high kick, jazz, novelty, and other types of dance routines. Despite the different names, they all are the same basic thing. Drill team is an older term. Many of these dance groups grew out of bands (although, many did not). Many teams in the South, especially Texas home of the world famous Rangerettes, are still called drill teams. Pom squad is used more often in the North. Many of these groups do more than just pom routines; therefore, many are starting to change their name to dance team. Many drill teams are doing the same because of confusion with ROTC groups and to get any from being know as an auxiliary to the band. Some teams are even known as a danceline or kickline.

Why donít you include cheerleaders or color guard/winter guard/flags?
I donít include these groups because their primary purpose is not dance. I realize that many cheerleading groups perform dances and that many flag groups also dance. I also realize that some dance/drill teams have to carry flags during the bands halftime show. Although I donít cover these types of groups, people who are members of these groups can hopefully still find this site useful.

Why do you include professional cheerleaders then?
Professional cheerleaders are included on this site because they are usually dance teams, even though they may be called cheerleaders. In addition, many dance/drill team members in high school go on to become professional cheerleaders.

Can you add my/this site?
Please submit the link to me. I will evaluate it and add it if it is approprate.

Can I help?
YES! This site takes a lot of time to maintain. Please email me.

Why does the team directory have all of the ďcodeĒ letters?
When my list started getting large, I couldnít remember what I had seen where. For example, someone once asked me if I had seen any examples of team constitutions online. I told them sure, but I canít remember where. I developed this system to help me remember what I saw where.

What do the ďcodeĒ letters mean in the team directory?
Please see the Key.

I just visited a page, and itsí content didnít match your code letters.
I try to visit several times a year. However, due to the rapid nature that some of these pages change, I canít keep it totally up-to-date. If you want to email me about a particular page, feel free. Otherwise I will get to it one of these days.

I found a broken link.
Please email me with the information.

How often do you update your site?
I try to update it once a month. If you join my notification list, I will email you when it is updated.

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